Rustic Kitchen Design for Country Home

When you see a picture of rustic kitchen design in the home magazine, you definitely want to have it in your own kitchen, if you love something old and unique. It isn’t difficult enough to achieve, because you can get tips how to make your kitchen just look like the one that you see there. Even you can have a kitchen design that is better than existed picture in the magazine. You just need to have careful planning to make an excellent design idea for your kitchen. Then you can have a kitchen design that suits both your own personality and your preference.

Rustic kitchen design is defined to bring country style furniture and modern kitchen decoration together. You will feel just like in rural environment with latest technology in your kitchen. You can select wooden materials as a definitive choice to create a true rustic style. You should make sure that your kitchen design has unity in all elements. They include wooden wall, rustic shade kitchen cabinets, wooden table, wooden flooring and an open shelf with kitchen wooden accessories etc. they will blend together to create a perfect rustic style.

The color scheme of rustic kitchen design is innovative. They include gold, orange and comprised shade of red. So rustic isn’t only about brown. You can play Mediterranean feel by using hardwood flooring. Then you should choose color for your wall that illustrates a rustic feeling, you can try to apply stucco kitchen walls or rough looking walls to give a vintage sense. You can also try other design such as iron wall decor or iron wall grills to create a focal point in the room. There are still many others way to play color in rustic style for your kitchen such as burnt orange, sunflower yellow or cobalt blue. They have unique look to personalize your preference.